Bahamas – A Unique Business Outlook

Mr. Paul Rothschild moved to The Bahamas in 1992, after starting his career as a systems analyst at GKN Plc in the UK, followed by six years in Canada as Business Development Manager and Sales Development Manager at Confederation Life.

In The Bahamas, Mr. Paul Rothschild decided to combine his business skills and financial expertise. He acted as a consultative advisor to a number of Swiss Banks looking to expand their offshore interests and identified new opportunities, that enabled them to grow their overseas operations.

In 1998 Mr. Paul Rothschild moved back to the UK and in 2000 became the CEO and chief investor of PLDD Platinum Luxury Design & Development.

Banking, Trust Management and Investment

PLDD is responsible for many high-profile award-winning global luxury developments. Information on PLDD projects and their many International Architectural and Design Awards can be found on the PLDD Website and in the PLDD News Feed.

During his time with PLDD Mr. Paul Rothschild also lived in Dubai and the Cayman Islands managing the Rothschild Family Office and overseeing operations with Black Rock Asset Services Ltd.  He returned to The Bahamas in 2016, again in advisory roles for two Swiss Banks wanting to dispose of their overseas operations.

Mr. Paul Rothschild retained his role with PLDD up until his retirement in 2019. Today, he has retired to Spain with his family. He retains consultative and advisory roles for PLDD, Bevas SL, Royal Ltd, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Black Rock Asset Services Ltd.

In 2020, Mr. Paul Rothschild established Rothschild Holdings SL, an investment holding company focusing on his personal family investments.

Bahamas - A Unique Business Outlook - Paul Rothschild