Mr. Paul Rothschild currently lives in Spain with his wife and two children. Retired from corporate life, he acts in an advisory capacity to:

  • PLDD Platinum Luxury Design & Development Ltd.
  • Royal Ltd.
  • The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).
  • Black Rock Asset Services Ltd.
  • Rothschild Holdings SL.
  • Bevas World SL.

His career spans four decades across international finance and real estate around the world. A natural ability to identify strategic opportunities, maximise profit and get the best out of people, underline his immense business success.

Mr. Paul Rothschild was born to an Austrian-Hungarian father and a Spanish mother, he has lived in many countries of the world with his family. This has given him vast knowledge of different cultures, foreign affairs and investment opportunities in many markets. He has also developed a keen interest in supporting children’s education through his philanthropic work.

Unique Business Analysis Outlook

In 1983, Mr. Paul Rothschild started his working life in the UK as a systems analyst for one of the world’s largest aviation and engineering groups GKN Plc. As a key member of one of the earliest and most advanced IT departments of the time, he developed a unique set of analytical and technical skills.

By 1986, Mr. Paul Rothschild wanted to utilise his IT and business analysis experience within the financial sector. He was headhunted for his unique skill set and offered a role as business development manager at Confederation Life in Canada. For the next five years Mr. Paul Rothschild rose through the ranks at Confederation Life, amassing experience as a high-performing business sales manager.

In 1992, Mr. Paul Rothschild moved to the Bahamas where he lived and worked. Mr. Paul Rothschild was asked on a number of occasions to utilise his analytical and technical skills in the financial sector.  He subsequently acted as a consultative advisor to a number of Swiss Banks looking to expand their offshore interests by identifying new opportunities, that would enable them to grow their overseas subsidiary operations.

Dubai - Paul Rothschild

Luxury Real Estate Design and Development

In 2000, Mr. Paul Rothschild took the position of CEO and major investor in PLDD Platinum Luxury Design & Development. PLDD is an internationally renowned luxury real estate investment, design, development and marketing firm. He led a team with a vast amount of combined experience in luxury real estate design and development across Europe, UAE, Asia, USA, and the Caribbean. Special projects include exclusive private estates, luxury villas, ski chalets, residential apartments, restoration and refurbishment of Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed Buildings, mixed residential and commercial projects and exclusive boutique hotels.

As CEO Mr. Paul Rothschild was the driver behind evaluating opportunities, assessing their maximum potential, assembling the correct team, providing design and development input and overseeing operations. The major focus of his role was to maximise capital investment returns, both for PLDD’s own projects and on behalf of investors projects.

During this time Mr. Paul Rothschild returned to the UK and in 2003, PLDD appointed Kalkwarf Architects as strategic partner within the Design & Architectural division.

In 2005, he moved to Switzerland where he continued his role with PLDD

Design and Development Projects 2001-2020

Industry Awards




Beachside - Paul Rothschild

Government Consulting and Advisory

In 2013, Mr. Paul Rothschild moved to Dubai as a consultative advisor to the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMMC). Here he advised the Dubai Government’s infrastructure committee on banking, insurance, real estate design and development.

Mr. Paul Rothschild was responsible for identifying ways to add value to existing projects whilst developing a multifaceted team to continue this process focusing on real estate and financial infrastructure projects across the DMCC key industries.

In 2015, in the Cayman Islands, Mr. Paul Rothschild provided consultative advice to Cayman Government officials who were members of the Anti-Money Laundering Steering Group (AMLSG). The group facilitated the Cayman Islands National Risk Assessment for money laundering, terrorism and proliferation financing. The findings of the AMSLG contributed to a number of countries adding the Cayman Islands to their respective Whitelist of countries with acceptable financial standards.

Government Consulting and Advisory - Paul Rothschild

Banking, Trust Management and Investment

In the early 1990s Mr. Paul Rothschild acted as consultative advisor to identify new opportunities for several Swiss Banks.

In 2013, Mr. Paul Rothschild moved to Dubai and was appointed to the board of Royal LTD a private investment holding company. In 2014, Royal LTD acquired PLDD, and Mr. Paul Rothchild was retained as CEO.

When Mr. Paul Rothschild returned to the Caribbean with a move to the Cayman Islands he established the Rothschild Family Office. As CEO he appointed a skilled team to ensure compliancy across all international investment decisions. In 2015, he was appointed CEO of Black Rock Asset Services Ltd, a privately run specialist offshore company offering international structuring, trust and advisory services to high net worth individuals.

In 2019, Mr. Paul Rothschild retired and settled in Spain with his family. Mr. Paul Rothschild has recently established Rothschild Holdings SL an investment holding company focusing on his personal family investments.

Banking, Trust Management and Investment - Paul Rothschild

Philanthropy and Charitable Interests

In addition to spending quality time with his family and his advisory roles, Mr. Paul Rothschild is involved with a number of charities and foundations. With a focus on children’s education, he supports:



Philanthropy and Charitable Interests - Paul Rothschild